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Studio Equipment > Jordan 65cm Pro Fit Ball (Anti-burst)

Jordan 65cm Pro Fit Ball (Anti-burst)

Fitness Balls are a great way to improve strength, stability, flexibility and alignment. Ideal for Functional training, Physiotherapy, Yoga and Pilates.
* Anti burst technology
* Modern red finish
* Tested as anti-burst with a 1000kg load
* Slowly deflates when punctured
* Essential item for functional any productive workout
* Comes with a Free Pump

Available in 3 sizes, select a ball size so your knees and hips form a 90 degree angle when seated on the ball. As a guide the 55cm ball for heights of 5'4" to 5'8", the 65cm ball is suitable if you are 5'9" to 6' tall and finally the 75cm ball for heights over 6'.

Please note that because this material is anti-burst, you may need to inflate it overnight, leave it, then inflate to the final size the following day.

RRP : £17.95

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