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Performance > Cast Iron Beginner Kettlebell Set

Cast Iron Beginner Kettlebell Set

Kettlebells work a complete range of muscles as you swing the kettlebell backwards and forwards or from side to side. There are cardiovascular benefits also.

The Beginner set is ideal for people just starting out with Kettlebells.

This set contains:

1 x 12kg Cast Kettlebell
1 x 16kg Cast Kettlebell
1 x 20kg Cast Kettlebell
1 x Art of Strength Kettlebell DVD
1 x A1 Kettlebell Poster

Picture is for illustrational purposes

RRP : £117.05

4Kg Chrome Handle Kettlebell
6Kg Chrome Handle Kettlebell
8Kg Chrome Handle Kettlebell
10Kg Chrome Handle Kettlebell
12Kg Chrome Handle Kettlebell
14Kg Chrome Handle Kettlebell
16Kg Chrome Handle Kettlebell
18Kg Chrome Handle Kettlebell
20Kg Chrome Handle Kettlebell
24Kg Chrome Handle Kettlebell
4Kg Blue Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell
8Kg Yellow Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell
12Kg Red Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell
16Kg Orange Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell
20Kg Green Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell
24Kg Grey Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell
28Kg Black Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell
32Kg Dark Blue Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell
40Kg Purple Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell
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3kg (Red handle) Powerbag
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7.5kg (Purple handle) Powerbag
10kg (Purple handle) Powerbag
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20kg (Black handle) Powerbag
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Jordan Performance Sled with harness
Performance Sled harness
Small Plyometric Platform (Height 350mm)
Medium Plyometric Platform (Height 500mm)
Large Plyometric Platform (Height 650mm)
MILO KIT (Bodyweight Suspension training system)
TRX Suspension Trainer Pro
1.5m Suspension Training Station (up to 2 user station)
2m Suspension Training Station (up to 4 user station)
3m Suspension Training Station (up to 6 user station)
Jordan Core Plate (steel with silver finish)
13.5kg Lifting Chains (Pair)
20kg Lifting Chains (Pair)
27kg Lifting Chains (Pair)
10m Non Fray Training Rope - 25mm (each)
10m Non Fray Training Rope - 44mm (each)
Ab Cradle
Smith Machine / Power Rack
Dual Adjustable Pulley