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Performance > 3kg (Red handle) Powerbag

3kg (Red handle) Powerbag

* Olympic lifting movements.
* Variations on Olympic lifting movements, to include diagonal and rotational moves.
* Complex movement based exercises, all multi-joint in nature and all requiring a high emphasis on stability.
* Movement drills, such as fast feet, ladder drills, heel flicks etc.
* Jumps, which are difficult to achieve resisted due to awkwardness of bars.
* Drops, difficult to achieve resisted due to awkwardness of bars.
* Throws, difficult to do with most systems other than medicine balls which rarely exceed more than 15kg.
* Catching and taking the impact, again difficult to complete with most systems.
* Dynamic movements with a partner, throw..catch..move..throw..catch
* Pure resisted core stability movements.
* Complex training to mix skills drills or game plays with dynamic work using Powerbag. Your training or playing area also becomes your gym, whether pitch, court trackside or home. So whether your sport is Rugby, Football, Squash, Tennis or Hockey, your conditioning training can now become an integral part of your skills based training.
* Warm weather training or holidays, not sure about the facilities? Simply empty out your PowerbagŪ and fill it with sand when you get to your destination abroad.
* Rehabilitation exercises, combining multi-joint movements and the development of functional movements under varying levels of resistance.

RRP : £50.40

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4Kg Blue Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell
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20Kg Green Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell
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Coloured Neoprene Womens Beginner Kettlebell Set
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Cast Iron Womens Beginner Kettlebell Set
Cast Iron Beginner Kettlebell Set
Cast Iron Intermediate Kettlebell Set
Cast Iron Advanced Kettlebell Set
Cast Iron Kettlebell Set - (1 x 4kg, 1 x 8kg, 1 x 12kg, 2 x 16kg, 2 x 20kg, 1 x 24kg, 1 x 28kg, 1 x Kettlebell Rack)
Coloured Neoprene Kettlebell Set - (1 x 4kg, 1 x 8kg, 1 x 12kg, 2 x 16kg, 2 x 20kg, 1 x 24kg, 1 x 28kg, 1 x Kettlebell R
Black Rubber Chrome Handle Kettlebell Set (10 kettlebells & rack)
5kg (Red handle) Powerbag
7.5kg (Purple handle) Powerbag
10kg (Purple handle) Powerbag
15kg (Purple handle) Powerbag
20kg (Black handle) Powerbag
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Jordan Performance Sled with harness
Performance Sled harness
Small Plyometric Platform (Height 350mm)
Medium Plyometric Platform (Height 500mm)
Large Plyometric Platform (Height 650mm)
MILO KIT (Bodyweight Suspension training system)
TRX Suspension Trainer Pro
1.5m Suspension Training Station (up to 2 user station)
2m Suspension Training Station (up to 4 user station)
3m Suspension Training Station (up to 6 user station)
Jordan Core Plate (steel with silver finish)
13.5kg Lifting Chains (Pair)
20kg Lifting Chains (Pair)
27kg Lifting Chains (Pair)
10m Non Fray Training Rope - 25mm (each)
10m Non Fray Training Rope - 44mm (each)
Ab Cradle
Smith Machine / Power Rack
Dual Adjustable Pulley